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What the 2012 winners did next...

Discover how 2012’s top guides spent their bursaries

Wanderlust World Guide Awards 2012Gold: Luca Alfatti

Guides for: Dragoman

“I’ve helped Mani Amiche, a charity from my town in Italy, to complete the latest addition to its clinic in San Andres Itzapa in Guatemala. It’s a centre for abused women and their children; sadly, rates of femicide in Guatemala are some of the highest in the world. The centre now has an Oncological Clinic – cancer of the female reproduction organs is rife in Guatemala, mainly due to the lack of regular check-ups. The clinic can only provide assistance to women who are sponsored; its dream is to be able to provide free assistance to any woman who walks in. I’ve implemented Dragoman trips that take groups to the centre for a night. This gives a regular source of income to the centre, while spreading awareness and heightening the chance of finding potential donors. It’s a project I’m very proud of and I hope it will bring big results.”

Wanderlust World Guide Awards 2012Silver: Simyra Taback-Hlebechuk

Guides for: Hallo Bay Wilderness Camp, Alaska

“In Homer there’s a centre for abused children. While the children are being interviewed, they’re given a teddy bear for comfort, which they can keep when they go into care. I’ve spent some money on bears but also try to get Hallo Bay clients to bring bears, which we can pass on. I’ve also donated money to the local food bank and to the local Girl Guides’ Leave No Trace campaign – some of my bursary has been spent on training courses for the girls.”


Wanderlust World Guide Awards 2012Bronze: Bhupendra Sharma

Guides for: G Adventures in India/Nepal

“I’ve given my bursary to various causes. I’m looking after the education expenses of a local boy whose family can’t afford to fund him, and I’ve given a donation to the temple for renovations. I’ve paid for 25 cement watertanks for the street cows and dogs – when it’s hot, it’s hard to find drinking water for them. Also, whenever I go to Pokhara I try to help the monastery, where 90 kids live, and encourage all my groups to visit.”


Wanderlust World Guide Awards Bronze: Nyi Nyi ‘Frankie’ Naing

Guides for: Golden Travel/Panoramic Journeys in Burma

“I’ve donated money to schools in four villages affected by Cyclone Nargis and next year I’ll also help an orphanage in the Irrawaddy Delta. Overall, this will help over 550  students. I’m also supporting a medical student until he graduates (two more years to go!) and an outstanding orphan from Yangon, who is going to take his matriculation exam this year.”