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Meet the sponsors

The sponsors of the Wanderlust World Guide Awards are dedicated to celebrating excellence in the travel industry - here's how they reward the winning guides...

Go prepared and get the most from your adventure. That’s the ethos behind Craghoppers and certainly that of our wonderful travel guides too. Inspired by world travel expeditions and having worked with explorers and adventurers, Craghoppers has been designing trail-blazing outdoor and protective travel clothing and equipment for over 50 years.

And there’s much more to their outdoor and travel clothing than first meets the eye, as they produce and continuously improve innovative fabric technologies so that you have the very best protection, wherever you’re travelling, and whatever climate you encounter. From insect repellent trousers to UV protective shirts, Craghoppers know exactly what you’ll need when it comes to world travel necessities. Quality is also key, which is why all Craghoppers outdoor clothing and equipment is guaranteed for life.

A new sponsor this year, Craghoppers is providing the coveted bursary prizes for the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners. Each winner will also receive items from their signature NosiLife, permanent insect repellent clothing range.








Swarovski Optik's binoculars and scopes are among the best in the world. They're the finest wildlife-watching companions, the best tools for appreciating architecture up-close, and the ultimate accessories for serious adventurers – whether you're cruising the Galapagos or eyeing your next mountain challenge.

We'd be lost without them – and that's why we teamed up with Swarovski Optik to reward every winning guide with a pair. The Gold Award winner will receive a pair of EL 8x32 binoculars (RRP £1,600), while the Silver and Bronze Award winners will receive the CL Companion 8x30 model (RRP £830) to use while guiding and on their personal travels.




In the middle of nowhere but need to charge your smartphone, tablet or camera? Then the Powermonkey Extreme - a waterproof, rugged, solar-powered charger, offers the perfect solution.

We wouldn't travel without ours – so we were delighted when Powertraveller offered to provide each of our Guide Award winners with their own Powertraveller Extreme charger. And if you fancy your own solar power charger, Wanderlust readers get 10% off every online order. Energy is vital to guides out on the road, and it certainly helps when you're powering cameras, tablets and phones too!